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Using Periscope and Meerkat to develop your audience?

You probably heard about Meerkat and Periscope. Or about Facebook's similar initiative launched recently, reserved, however, to celebrities through its application Facebook Mentions. If you haven't, let me give you the 2-line pitch: they are applications that allow you to live stream an event, using your phone's camera, to your followers. The three of them also embed a live commenting feature so watchers can engage with you during the show. In the name of constant experimenting, I started to play with Meerkat when it was released. My first attempt was to install my phone on a gorilla tripod and live stream my dog sleeping and snoring. Nothing crazy interesting, but I saw right away the potential of this app, and...

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How to start a great coworking space

Even though I really enjoy working from home when it's possible, I've always considered coworking spaces being full of opportunities when done right. I had the chance to visit SPACE, the new promising coworking center in Uppsala. Meeting with the founding team and seeing their enthusiasm brought back some good memories and led me to write this article. When I started my first venture with my co-founders more than 10 years ago, we rented a small office without windows in the suburbs of Paris. Coworking spaces weren't, by then, as big a thing as it is today. But these kinds of places, renting 8 or 10 pretty tiny rooms, and offering shared commodities like a copyroom and the services of...

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The Design Marketing

Design is important from day one. Numerous articles circulating advocate in favour of processes focusing on spotting the pain (preferably an unbearable one) then build and sell the painkiller. In order to learn and iterate based on clients feedback, we must ship fast and ship often. We build a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and iterate from there. We've also read a lot of great posts about building an audience by producing content, called content marketing nowadays, before, during and after launch. While building my new product, I decided to give a preponderant place to design with the hope to use it as a marketing advantage. Here are a few reasons why design should have a central place when elaborating your...

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Should your blog and portfolio be on the same domain?

After arguing with myself for a few months, I finally decided to move this blog from entrepreneurloop.com to my own website: gregoiregilbert.com. I've been going back and forth with the idea of creating a website about myself, and making the blog a section of it. I mean, the last time I built a personal website was probably in 1998 using Microsoft Frontpage. Since then, I've been using social platforms like Linkedin to list my skills and track record and it's only been 2 years since I decided that I wanted to start publishing my thoughts. I was going through a rough patch, professionally, and decided to start writing in order to structure my ideas and intentions. It was also a...

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What is your best advice regarding entrepreneurship?

I asked my followers on twitter to share their best advice regarding entrepreneurship. Here are the answers from 16 people. Click their quote to check their twitter! Want to share your 2 cents? Reply to this tweet: Hey friends, what's your best advice regarding #entrepreneurship? Please do share!— Grégoire Gilbert (@gregoiregilbert) July 14, 2015 Josh Doody « Slow and steady wins the race. » Dereck Breuning « My humble advice would be to do what you like and sticking to what you're good at/know. » Deyson Ortiz « Have an emergency fund. It is a great stress relief to know there is a cushion when things get slow. » Łukasz Mazurek « Good cash flow management should be your baseline....

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