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They want real time

I'd be curious to see the graphs of new subscribers to newspapers over the past few years. Don't get me wrong: I really like the press industry. But I don't understand why they are having such a hard time to reinvent themselves. It seems like, for most of them, the biggest innovation was to allow their readers to download a pdf copy of the paper. That, and having a website with "fresh"-ish articles. "They want real time!" So what do youths, aka the potential future subscribers, want? Real time! Is the obvious answer. Of course they want to know what's happening right this second in the world. They grew up being able to. But do they need companies from the...

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Long is wrong

Long is wrong. Or, long isn't always right. A lot of content producers (in this case, read: writers who write to drive some action from the readers) have an idea about the ideal length of an article. And if I believe what the current trend affirms, longer pieces get more traction. A side effect of this affirmation though is that more and more writers focus on producing interminable blog posts. They write more words because they feel obligated to, if they want to reach their audience. But reaching doesn't mean touching. Reaching doesn't equal being read. And isn't the goal of creating written content, to be read? How often have you had an idea but didn't turn it into a...

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Who are your mentors?

Do you have a mentor? If you don't, I recommend that you seriously consider it. A few weeks ago, I asked a new person to be my mentor. I usually don't communicate profusely about it, but several friends of mine asked some very interesting questions when they heard the news. I realized that it was a topic worth covering in a post. I'm going to explain why I chose and asked this person, how I contacted him and how we work together. Why him? Last summer, I went back to France for two weeks for a studious vacation. I tried to take it easy (work-wise) and spend time, reading, and learning. One audio book I listened to during this time...

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How do you make time into your day?

This is a post for all hard workers. Those with packed schedules, who always try and refine their organization process in order to squeeze more execution time into their week. If you decided to read this post based on the subject, you are probably one of us. Welcome! Since I started working from home four years ago, I've had the opportunity to experiment a lot with my schedule and the way I work. I've tried a lot of methodologies with temporary or no results. I also created my own organization and iterated several times on it. But, I never really took the time before to share what I've learned and what stuck. This article aims to fix that. Global organization...

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Why you should invest time crafting your own story

In addition to my passion for entrepreneurship, I also have a great deal of interest in management, especially team leading. In fact, besides my regular activities, I also advise a bunch of managers. I use the word "advise", but in reality every single conversation or workshop is always very beneficial for me as well. Among other things, I often recommend to first-time managers, something that seems so obvious, nevertheless it needs to be enunciated: Create and learn your story. In their specific cases, I'm talking about their team's story. For you, it could either be your company's story if you already know exactly what you're building or your entrepreneurship story. But let's get back to managers for a while. The...

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